Will Bleach and Parlour Procedures Help in Acanthosis?

March 16,2021


Will Bleach and Parlour Procedures Help in Acanthosis?

Acanthosis Nigricans (AN) is a skin pigmentation disorder, in which some areas of skin become more darken. You get the dark skin patches around neck, armpits, groin and elbows. In the darkened areas, your skin becomes more thicker than usual and has a velvet-like texture.

People often think that the darken skin patches occur due to the dirt or sweat. This is not true. It is a skin condition that needs medical attention. No amount of bleach or multiple visits to parlour will help you to get rid of these dark patches.

You are advised to visit your dermatologist who can help you to treat this skin condition. Don’t use any home remedies and DIY methods.


Acanthosis nigricans is a warning sign

Acanthosis nigricans is not infectious, rather it is a symptom of some serious health condition such as developing diabetes.

It is a warning sign of something serious medical condition developing inside the body.

Pre-diabetes or Diabetes: If you have pre-diabetes, making significant lifestyle changes can help prevent diabetes. If you have diabetes, you need to treat it.

Hormonal Condition: Having polycystic ovarian syndrome, thyroid disease, or problem with adrenal glands can cause acanthosis nigricans.

Cancer. When this skin condition develops rapidly, it can be a sign of a cancer.


When to consult a dermatologist

If you notice a darker, thicker skin, it’s vital to seek advice from a dermatologist. A small change to your skin may be an early sign that requires medical attention.

Diagnose your Acanthosis Nigricans

A dermatologist can diagnose Acanthosis Nigricans by proper examining your skin. You may need to undergo blood test and other medical tests, as asked by your dermatologist. These tests help you to identify the underlying medical condition and your dermatologist will then provide an appropriate treatment to cure the condition.

Manage Acanthosis Nigricans

Dermatologists provide some tips to the patients that will help them manage Acanthosis Nigricans (AN).

·         Eat healthy diet and choosing a regular physical workout helps to maintain a healthy weight. It helps you to get rid of dark skin patches.

·         Some medicines cause this skin condition. Do not forget to tell your dermatologist about the medicines you take. If any medicine is triggering AN, your dermatologist may suggest you switch to another medicine.

·         If your skin suddenly develops many dark patches, it’s required to immediately consult with your dermatologist.


Treatment for Acanthosis Nigricans

Treatment for Acanthosis Nigricans includes the following:

The internal Issue of Insulin Resistance has to be treated meanwhile , additional treatment used are

·         For lighten skin colour: Prescription gels, creams, and ointments

·         To reduce skin thickness: Laser treatments

·         To decrease odour and discomfort: Antibiotics and antibacterial soaps

·         Help clear the skin: Retinoids (cream or pill)

Dermatologists have found these treatments helpful to cure the condition.


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