No to DIY and Home Remedies in Acanthosis Nigricans

March 16,2021


No to DIY and Home Remedies in Acanthosis Nigricans

Acanthosis Nigricans is a condition when you have dark skin patches with a thick, velvety discoloration. It affects the neck, armpits, groin, knees, elbows, and knuckles area.

Acanthosis nigricans can be a warning sign for a serious health problem, such as pre-diabetes or diabetes, abnormal hormonal condition, or skin cancer.

Symptoms of Acanthosis Nigricans

The key symptoms of this skin condition are:

¬∑         Skin becomes darker

¬∑         Skin becomes thicker

¬∑         Velvety patches

Other symptoms include:

¬∑         Itching

¬∑         Dryness

¬∑         Unnecessary roughness

¬∑         Unusual odour

¬∑         Slowly change of colour

Self-Care Guidelines

As most people who develop acanthosis nigricans are obese, their skin damage can improve and resolve with the loss of body weight. You should opt for health food habits and regular exercise habits that will help you to reduce your body weight.

When to Seek Medical Care

As, some people think that home remedies will work for treatment of Acanthosis Nigricans. However, it is not true. No DIY and home remedies will help in curing Acanthosis Nigricans.

If you notice any darkening and thickening of the skin, it is the right time to consult with your primary health care provider. If this skin condition occurs due to obesity, you need to work towards attaining your weight goals to reduce the body weight.

If acanthosis nigricans develops rapidly, you require an immediate medical attention. The doctor will diagnose and treat an underlying medical condition.


You need to consult with the doctor about your skin condition, who will then examine and diagnose your medical problem. Your doctor will ask you to go through tests for blood sugar level or insulin level. You may need to undergo X-rays or endoscopy to check for cancer and other medical issue.


The first step towards the treatment of acanthosis nigricans is to ascertain the underlying disease.

¬∑         Undergoing weight loss and reversing insulin resistance are the most common ways that help recover from any skin changes. If the right cause is treated in an effective way, Acanthosis Nigricans will disappear.

¬∑         If your skin condition seems related to a medication or supplement that you use, your doctor may advise you to stop taking that substance.

¬∑         In case, this skin condition is in severe stage and can‚Äôt be managed by weight loss, there are cosmetic treatment options available including laser therapy, dermabrasion, and topical retinoids. Dermabrasion and laser therapy are procedures that are used to improve the appearance of their skin. Topical retinoids increase peeling of normal skin cells, which tends to diminish the appearance of the lesions.


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